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In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, you hear from therapist-turned-environmental economist Judith D. Schwartz. Her new book, Cows Save the Planet, is a manifesto about nature’s very own gut – the soil. In this fascinating conversation learn how to reverse desertification, why cow poop is necessary for a healthy ecosystem, and why it’s fundamental to the web of life.

Judith D. Schwartz is a longtime freelance writer and published author. She is an expert in Environmental Economics with an education from Brown University, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern. She trained as a psychoanalyst and wrote a novel based on her grandmother’s psychoanalyst who was a member of Freud’s inner circle in Vienna. Judith currently lives and works in southern Vermont and is devoted to sharing her knowledge about cows, soil, and the restoration of the earth’s ecosystem.

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This week, it is a great pleasure to welcome Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, a practicing physician and pioneer in understanding how low dose neurotoxin exposure, including toxic mold and algae, impacts our brains, vision, inflammation, and guts. About 28% of people have genes that make them very susceptible to these toxins, and everyone else is impacted to varying degrees. There is a clear and strong link between autoimmune conditions, gluten intolerance, celiac, psoriasis, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and mold exposure. Amongst my high performance clients, removing environmental toxins from mold is quite often a part of making people as strong and resilient as they can be.

Dr. Shoemaker is the author of eight books and multiple published academic papers. His latest book Surviving Mold: Life in the Era of Dangerous Buildings is a guide through diagnosis and treatment, remediation and a return to health. He is an expert on mold and other biotoxins, having “looked death in the face” from his own mold-related illness. He lectures throughout the US on chronic inflammatory illnesses that are caused by exposure to moldy buildings and mycotoxins.

You will learn how your own genetics determine how you’ll respond to environmental toxins, and why mold and other microbes growing in water-damaged buildings make people sick. Have you ever wondered why some people immediately notice walking into a moldy building and others don’t seem to notice? Dr. Shoemaker has the answers and gives you the facts.

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If you haven’t heard of Peter Sage, then you’re in for a treat. As his name suggests, Peter is a fountain of wisdom and shares his daily practices (starting with a rebounder and meditation) on Bulletproof Radio. In this episode you will hear how to make decisions using your Heart Brain intelligence and how this can lead to happiness in a very uncomplicated way. You will also hear Peter’s unique explanation of how your emotional bank account feeds your financial bank account. And we all want to know what the grand prize is at the end life, right? Listen and find out.

Peter Sage started his career early by writing his first book “Supreme Physique” at age 18. He really knew what he was writing about since he went on to become a competition level bodybuilder, ran the 250km Sahara Ultramarathon, trained as a marksman, and is now a member of the infamous Dangerous Sports Club. He was one of the youngest trainers to ever work with Anthony Robbins and is considered an expert in personal development. Recently Peter founded Space Energy, a daring multibillion dollar project to bring Space Based Solar Power to earth. Enjoy the show.

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International best-selling author Donna Gates comes on Bulletproof Radio to discuss why gut ecology is vitally important to your performance, and how healing it can be beneficial even for those of us that don’t have digestive problems – but chances are you probably have at least some underlying issues. On the show you’ll learn three things to start doing now for better gut health along with a simple breakdown on which digestive enzymes you should be taking.

Donna Gates is the founder of The Body Ecology Diet, a sugar-free, gluten-free, casein-free, and probiotic-rich way of eating. She is the best-selling author of The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity as well as her other books The Body Ecology Guide to Growing Younger: Anti-Aging Wisdom for Every Generation, and Stevia: Cooking with Nature’s Calorie-Free Sweetener. Donna coined the term “Inner Eco-System” over 20 years ago and has since been helping people use probiotics and fermentation to find their individual inner ecology. Enjoy!

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In this episode you’ll hear Brian Rose, an American expat and founder of the wildly popular podcast, London Real, an interview series with a stated mission to provide great information, and put BBC TV out of business in the process. You won’t want to miss this kickass talk about sleep hacking, Ayahuasca experiences, and Brian’s favorite biohacking tools.  Plus, at the end of the show you’ll hear Brian answer his own three questions he asks every guest at the end of his own show. Follow Brian on Twitter, @LondonRealTV.

Brian Rose is a former derivatives trader on Wall Street and CFO of a .com startup, with an engineering degree from MIT, and a propensity for pushing the edge. He quit his job as a banker and moved to London to start the podcast London Real. He also hosts Silicon Real for London-based startups. He serves every guest on his show Bulletproof Coffee and says it has a 100% approval rating so far. Enjoy the show.

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On this episode of Bulletproof Radio Dr. Terry Wahls talks about the power of food as medicine and how the right nutrition feeds your mitochondria, along with a fascinating breakdown of the origin of mitochondria as bacteria adapting to toxins (oxygen!). You’ll learn how to use glutathione, vegetables, and healthy fats to increase energy and slow aging.



Dr. Terry Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine where she teaches internal medicine residents and does clinical research. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2000 and went from being wheelchair-bound to running on treadmills through her use of nutrition and functional medicine. Her latest book is The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine and be sure to listen to her two previous interviews on Bulletproof Radio.

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On this very special episode of Bulleproof Radio meet Miss Hong Kong, Erin Tjoe. Erin talks about her transition from tomboy to runway and how she discovered Bulletproof® Coffee. Also hear Erin’s take on smart drugs, float tanks, bedroom dyads, and how she found bliss at Burning Man. Check out the video version on iTunes and YouTube for an extra special segment with Erin on the Bulletproof® Vibe!

Erin TJOE™, Miss Hong Kong 2014 ???, is a TV host personality. Her roles include Travel Host of the new show Green Travel Destination, Fashion Host for The LA Fashion, Co-Host of lifestyle talk show Tailor Made, and Entertainment Host/celebrity interviewer for BlacktreeTV. She is also a correspondent at the Sundance Film Festival as well as many red carpet events. Follow her on Twitter, @erinTjoe!

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Not all habits are created equal, and some can even help you become rich. That’s what Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner Tom Corley concluded after studying the rich for five years. On this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Tom discusses his bestselling book: Rich Habits and uncovers the most successful daily habits of wealthy individuals. Discover how to optimize your wallet with daily self-improvement, how to change poverty in 30 days, and why the rich don’t gossip.



Tomas C. Corley understands the difference between being rich and poor: at age 9 his family went from being multi-millionaires to broke in just one night. For five years, Tom observed and documented the daily activities of 233 wealthy people and 128 people living in poverty. During his research he identified over 200 daily activities that separated the “haves” from the “have nots.” Tom is a CPA, CFP and holds a Master’s Degree in Taxation.  He is also President of Cerefice and Company, CPAs, one of the top financial firms in New Jersey.

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